Suja Chandran Novels free download pdf

Suja Chandran, a name that resonates with literary enthusiasts, has carved a niche for herself in the world of literature. Her novels, rich in narrative and profound in meaning, have touched the hearts of many.

Born in a quaint town, Suja’s love for literature was evident from her early days. She grew up surrounded by books, which played a pivotal role in shaping her as a writer.

Suja Chandran Novels

Suja Chandran has penned numerous novels, each unique in its storyline and characters. Her ability to weave intricate plots and create relatable characters has earned her accolades worldwide.

Suja Chandran novels are a blend of emotion, drama, and the complexities of love. They delve deep into the human psyche, exploring the nuances of relationships, the pain of lost love, and the joy of finding one’s soulmate.

The allure of Suja Chandran’s novels lies not just in her storytelling prowess but also in the depth and authenticity of her characters. Each novel offers a unique experience, making readers eager for more.

Suja Chandran is a Tamil novelist who has written several novels. Here are some of her novels available to pdf Download:

  1. செளந்தரிய காதலா: Soundariya kathalaa (Tamil Edition)
  2. விழிகளில் புது மயக்கம்: Velligalil puthu mayaggam (Tamil Edition)
  3. மெய் தீண்டும் ஓவியம் நீ: Mei theendum ooviem nee (Tamil Edition)
  4. மாசறு பொன்னே முத்தே: Masaru ponea muthey (Tamil Edition)
  5. மனதை கொய்யாதே கிள்ளையே : Manathai goiyathey killaiye (Tamil Edition)
  6. செந்நீரில் கொகுடியோ மூன்று : Seenneriel googudiyoo (செந்நீரில கொகுடியோ Book 3) (Tamil Edition)
  7. மில்லியனர் வெட்ஸ் மான்விழி : Miliyanar weds manvizhe (Tamil Edition)
  8. முக்கூடற் பள்ளு பாடவா: Mugudar pallu paadava (Tamil Edition)
  9. இருவிக்காந்தம் அமிழ்தாகுமோ: iruvikantham amizhilthagumo (Tamil Edition)
  10. மறந்தாயோ மகதீரா: காதலாகி வந்தாய் 2 (Tamil Edition)

These novels are available for purchase on Amazon, and some of them are available for free with a Kindle Unlimited membership. If you’re interested in reading more about her works, you might also want to visit

How to Find Suja Chandran Novels in PDF Format

If you’re a fan of Suja Chandran and are looking to find her novels in PDF format, here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Official Websites and Online Bookstores:

  • Many authors and publishers have official websites where they offer e-books for sale, including in PDF format.
  • Check online bookstores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo. They might offer the option to download books in PDF or other e-book formats.

2. Public Libraries:

  • Many public libraries offer digital lending services like OverDrive or Libby, where you can borrow e-books, including PDFs, using your library membership.
  • Visit your local library’s website to see if they offer this service and have Suja Chandran’s novels in their collection.

3. Subscription Services:

  • Platforms like Scribd or Kindle Unlimited might have a collection of Suja Chandran novels. While they might not offer PDF downloads, they provide a platform to read the books online.

4. Online Communities and Forums:

  • Websites like Goodreads or dedicated Tamil literature forums might have discussions or recommendations on where to find e-books.
  • Remember to always ensure that the source is legitimate and respects copyright laws.

Suja Chandran Novels free download pdf Link

Maya MohiniDownload
Kaathalaaki VanthaaiDownload

Suja chandran novels blog

It contains various sections such as announcements, full stories, short stories, poems, cooking, and a gallery. The website is primarily in Tamil, but there’s an option to switch to English.

Some of the Recent Novels:

  1. காதலாகி வந்தாய் 20_25
  2. காதலாகி வந்தாய் 16_20
  3. காதலாகி வந்தாய் 11_15

Suja chandran novels list

Here’s a list of novels by Suja Chandran:

  1. சுஜா சந்திரன் ஆன் கோயிங்
  2. அகிலா ஐசக் நாவல்
  3. சுந்தரவன தேவதை முழுக்கதை
  4. கோல்மால் காதல் (Multiple parts: 1_5, 6_10, 11_15, 16_20, 21_36finals)
  5. அயன் நான் ஆல் நீ
  6. முக்கிய அறிவிப்பு
  7. காதலாற்றுப்படை
  8. வனம் சேர்ந்த ஐவணம் அமேசான் நேரடி ஈ புக்
  9. முக்கூடற் பள்ளு பாடவா டீசர்
  10. இருவிக்காந்தம் அமிழ்தாகுமோ??டீசர்
  11. துனை தேடும் கனை
  12. சில்லு சில்லாய்
  13. செளந்தரிய காதலா அமேசான் நேரடி வெளியீடு
  14. காதலாகி வந்தாய் (Multiple parts)


Why are Suja Chandran novels so popular?

Suja Chandran’s novels resonate with readers due to their authentic characters and engaging plots.

Is it safe to download novels from the internet?

Yes, as long as you source them from reputable sites and have adequate security measures in place.

How can I support authors like Suja Chandran?

Purchasing their books or downloading from legitimate sites ensures they receive the royalties they deserve.

What are the best Suja Chandran novels for beginners?

Starting with her earlier works like “Whispers of the Past” can provide a solid foundation.

Are there any upcoming novels from Suja Chandran?

Suja Chandran is known to surprise her readers, so one can always hope for a new masterpiece soon.