Take advantage of the data rollover feature on your postpaid plan

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that mobile data is one of the most important aspect of their daily lives. This highlights the importance of internet in our lives, and how seamless, cheap, and fast internet has helped us transform our lives.

The internet has enabled all of us shift to a more digital lifestyle. Empowering this shift to the digital world are – prepaid plan and postpaid plan. The postpaid plan is incredibly efficient, helps save costs and provides all the necessary features that help you get everything done. 

While the advantages of postpaid plans are many, there lies one problem. With postpaid plans, we get a fixed amount of mobile internet for the entire duration of the plan. But what happens when you do not spend the entire data that was meant for you, simply because it ended up being surplus for you?

For instance, you can enroll for Airtel’s best postpaid plan that also offers data rollover, today!

What is data rollover?

Data rollover is a unique feature that helps you get the most out of the mobile postpaid plan that you have subscribed to. The feature is fairly simple to understand – whatever mobile data that was meant for you, but hasn’t been used, will be effectively carried forward to the next month’s postpaid plan.

For example, you have a postpaid plan that gives you 10 GB of fast internet for a month. Now, throughout the month, you use that data for a variety of activities, but at the end of the month, you notice only 6 GB of internet has been used. The remaining 4 GB is left. Now, data rollover ensures this remaining 4 GB of mobile data is added to the next month’s plan, which already has 10 GB of internet. 

Therefore, to put it in perspective, effective mobile data that you can use for the next month is 10 GB + 4 GB = 14 GB. 

However, do note that the figures used here are just to give you an idea. How much data you use and how much data gets rolled over into the subsequent month depends upon several factors, such as the carrier you have, your daily mobile data usage, the postpaid plan that you chose initially etc.

Will internet speed be affected on the data that is rolled over?

When it comes to data rollover on your mobile postpaid plan, there are certainly no compromises. Therefore, you will get amazing internet speeds just as you used to get, earlier. Moreover, with the added benefit of extra, you can finally download even more movies, binge watch tv shows that are currently the talk of the town to your heart’s content, play mobile games and do so much more.

Does data rollover cost extra?

Certainly not. Data rollover is a free feature that is meant to benefit the consumers. Giving customers the unused data that was initially meant for their own postpaid plan is certainly a feature that has won a lot of hearts amongst users and numerous people are using it today to get even more from the best postpaid plans available out there. 

Are there any other features on a postpaid plan?

Some of the best postpaid plans by the telephone operators, such as Airtel, often have many different exciting offers and discounts, that make getting a postpaid connection even more worthwhile. Postpaid connections also come with family offers, where a single connection can cover the needs of one or more family members. 

To get further clarity on how to avail the data rollover feature and get more discounts on the best postpaid plan for you, visit the nearest mobile phone operator store or website, and reap the rewards right away!