The Most Flattering Dresses To Choose For Your Body Shape

While all body shapes are beautiful, it’s pretty important to feel comfortable and confident in your clothing. But if you don’t know which clothing styles are the most flattering for your body shape, there’s a good chance you don’t feel as poised as you should.

Dressing for your body shape is the best way to accentuate your best features while helping you adorn areas of your body you might feel less confident about.

With this, let’s delve into the most flattering dress styles for your body shape.

Pear Or Triangle

The pear body shape is sometimes referred to as the triangle body shape and is defined by voluptuous hips and thighs and a slimmer upper body.

Dress shopping should be directed towards garments with more detail on the bust, and a looser fit on the hips is the best approach. Strapless dresses, v-necklines, and full shirts are flattering details to look for.

At the same time, stylists recommend avoiding oversized dresses that are shapeless, puffy skirts, very short hemlines, and body-hugging fabrics. So steer clear of bodycon dresses, mini dresses, and stretch fabrics that may gather in all the wrong places.

Apple Or Round

Apple body shapes are rounder at the waistline with slimmer hips and legs and a shorter midsection. This body shape looks best in any dress that draws attention to the bust area. A button down maxi dress empire waistlines, and dresses with embellished tops are perfect options.

Shorter-length dresses are also a great choice to flaunt the longer, slimmer legs of the apple body shape.

Athletic Or Rectangle

Athletic or rectangle body shapes have broader shoulders, slimmer hips, and less-defined waistlines. These unique features look best when paired with volume-enhancing details like cinched waistlines and feminine necklines. Havana, tiered midi-length, and babydoll dresses are elegant choices for those with an athletic build.

Those with an athletic body shape should avoid body-hugging dress styles and halter necklines that accentuate broader shoulders.


The small waist of the hourglass body shape creates a voluptuous curvy silhouette similar to that of an hourglass. Despite this body shape being associated with icons like Marylin Monroe, finding flattering outfits is a bit more challenging for those with curves.

It’s best to avoid babydoll dresses, shapeless and oversized styles, and empire waistlines. However, cinched waistlines, open necklines, form-fitting tops, and bodycon styles are all great dress options.


Some style experts have set aside a category for women that are shorter than 5 ft and 3 inches with a slender body type. For those with this body shape, it’s best to wear dresses that accentuate a slender silhouette with cinching at the waist. Shorter dresses can also create the illusion of longer legs, while mid-length hemlines should be avoided.

One of the most common styling mistakes is following trends without considering your unique body shape. Each body shape flaunts different defining features that can be overwhelmed or underwhelmed by different garments. For this reason, it’s essential to choose clothing styles that are the most flattering for your body shape.