The Role of Virtual Reality (VR) in Various Fields During the Coronavirus Epidemic:

The lockdown caused by coronavirus has affected every aspect of life. Because of this, people have faced a lot of difficulties. However, virtual reality has played an essential role in alleviating these difficulties to some commendable extent. Virtual Reality is an advanced form of technology.

Cambridge Dictionary stated that “Virtual Reality is a collection of computer-generated sounds and images that represent a situation or place in which a person can participate.” In this article, we shed light on the role of virtual reality during the Coronavirus epidemic. For this, we have carefully studied various aspects of life, which have benefited significantly due to virtual reality.


There is no doubt that the role of virtual reality has been very influential in the field of education from the very beginning. Nevertheless, during the lockdown, the character of virtual reality has become even more evident. In the meantime, every educational institution has enlisted Virtual Reality’s help to further its educational goals. Due to the long lockdown period, people were trapped in their homes, causing unbearable damage to students’ education. Virtual reality has played a positive role in significantly reducing this damage. Online classes were arranged for the students by various institutions. In this way, the beautiful stream of education and the students quenched their thirst for knowledge.


The most significant impact of the coronavirus was on human mental health. This sudden epidemic has shaken the human mind. Research conducted on it states that people’s mental health has improved with the help of virtual reality. Virtual reality has helped them overcome stress, phobia, anxiety, stress disorder, panic disorder, and depression. During the lockdown, with the help of virtual reality, people got to see new advancements and developments in the field of entertainment. In the world of virtual reality entertainment, people felt free. It allows people to enjoy games and movies that are designed with virtual reality concepts.

Coupled with the survey, 75% of people have watched games and movies made with the help of virtual reality for entertainment during the lockdown. People relieved their stresses by giving themselves a daily boost by playing virtual escape room games such as utopia vr arcade stanton where you can enjoy VR gaming arcade and wildgoose escapes fullerton, which gives a fun-loving experience of live escape rooms.


Due to virtual reality, remote work has been introduced during the Coronavirus epidemic. When the owners of the businesses analyzed that the lockdown was going to last a long time, they started their business from home with the help of virtual reality and started assigning work to their employees. This has not only prospered the companies but also solved the financial problems faced by the employees.

Physical Fitness:

Movement restrictions have been imposed on people during the Coronavirus epidemic, such as travel, parks, gym, parks, and restaurants, etc., were prohibited. These restrictions were even more stringent during the lockdown. Due to this, people’s physical fitness was being adversely affected. However, due to virtual reality, the physical fitness of the population has improved as fitness advisors from all over the world started online fitness classes. In these classes, people were told how to stay physically fit during this pandemic. Surprisingly, people followed these methods and stepped towards a healthy life. The hashtag #physicalfitness is making a trend on Twitter during the lockdown. Besides, the WHO has launched a #HealthatHome campaign on social media.