These are the Best Place to Moose Hunt in US

Moose is one of the most popular game animals hunted in the United States. Not only are these animals huge with enough meat to go around, but hunting them is also legal in us and should not put you in any problem. Whether you’re hunting to bring as much meat as you can to your family or you’re doing it for a trophy, you still need to go to the right place. Below, you’d be finding out the best places for you to hunt for moose.

The Best Moose Hunting Locations

The best place to hunt moose for moose is Alaska. However, you don’t have to travel to the Northwestern state for a refreshing round of moose hunting. You can also enjoy hunting in other parts of the US, and we have listed the top locations to moose hunt.


Alaska is home to the Alaska-Yukon variety of moose, and they are one of the largest subspecies of the game animal, weighing between 1,500 and 1,800 pounds and antlers as long as 65 inches. This state receives several visitors every year who register to have guided hunt tours. However, you may also choose to go unguided if you have adequate experience.

There is no limit to the quantity of moose you’d get in the Last Frontier state. There is also an abundance of public lands to go hunting on, but you can also check out with state authorities to make sure you’re not setting up your hunt in an illegal spot. If you’ve confirmed every other thing, you just have to be ready to climb elevated positions and wade through mud to get your first moose kill.


The Pine Tree State is another state where moose are in great abundance. This is an excellent option for those who find it difficult to travel to Alaska since it contains the largest number of moose in the east. You won’t find the immense Alaska-Yukon here but the Eastern variety. They are also a very substantial subspecies, weighing more than 1000 pounds and donning antlers as long as 50 inches.

Using a guide increases your chances of success, but you also stand a good chance without them. Before hunting, you’d need to visit the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to obtain a permit and get the list of legal locations. If you’re confused, try out North Maine Woods. And if you don’t have hunting gear yet, check out


Washington has a different variety — the Shiras variety —, and their numbers have been on the rise recently. There are indications that they would only get better, making the American capital a great location for moose hunters. The moose here, especially smaller ones, may be easy to spot, but you should consult the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife before embarking on the hunt. You should also take note of state boundaries since you can easily find yourself in Idaho.


The moose in Idaho are similar to what you’d find in Washington. They are small and measure only around 1000 pounds, with horns around 45 inches long. The good thing about Idaho is that the moose are spread all over the state, and the numbers continue to remain strong. This means the likelihood of getting moose to hunt here is very high.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is another state on this list that is sharing borders with Canada. This signifies a viable moose hunting environment. Moose hunting is regulated here, but there is a nice likelihood of finding moose here.


Moose hunting is an enjoyable activity that you can enjoy with your loved ones at different times of the year. The good news is that you can try it out at different US locations and find the top ones above. Whenever you’re ready to begin, check out how to sight in a red dot, and you might need help transporting your moose home.


1.  Hunting with permittee.  A person may not hunt moose with a permittee unless that person is a subpermittee authorized in accordance with this section.

2.  Presence of permittee.  A subpermittee may not hunt moose if that subpermittee is not in the presence of the permittee while hunting moose. A subpermittee is not in the presence of a permittee if contact between the permittee and the subpermittee requires visual or audio enhancement devices, including binoculars or citizen band radios.

3. One subpermittee.  A permittee may not hunt moose with more than one authorized subpermittee.

4.  Unlawful possession.  A person may not possess a moose that has been hunted in violation of this section.

A person who violates this section commits a Class E crime

Registration permit RM865 required