Thinking to buy a used bike; then go through some tips

Don’t have a big budget?Don’t want to spend more money to purchase a new bike than go for a used one. Used motorcycles will be the best option for those who don’t know how to ride a bike. The second-hand motorbikes have lots of additional features like; cheap registration fees, cheaper repair, no waiting period (quick transaction), full documentation, etc. This article will remove all the confusion related to used bikes, and helps to make up your mind because this article will discuss some tips to buy a used motorcycle.

 Tips for buying a used motorcycle:

  1. Outer appearance: Most of the peoples usually attracted towards a clean and shiny bike. So, after buying a bike, make sure that there should be no scratches on the bike, and the surface of the bike should look smooth. Check the working condition and the brightness of indicators, headlights, tail lights because to cut the darkness of night, there is a need for enough bright light. Check the outer body of the bike like; the appearance of paint, scratches, tyers, fluid leakage, dents, etc.
  2. Take a test ride: The only appearance is not enough but, a test ride is also a necessary part because, without testing, no one can measure the comfortability of the bike. With the help of a quick ride, anyone can check the mileage and the speed. And anyone can judge the performance of the bike. If the bike is giving good performance and comfortability then, go for it.
  3. Clutch checking: Difficulty in the motorcycle to shift gears is a sign of a bad clutch. It also includes a stuck clutch lever, hard shifts with the clunking sound or jerk. After buying a bike, keep in mind that the clutch should work effortlessly.
  4. Brake checking: Now coming towards the braking system; it consists of brake pads, brake liquid, brake discs, brake pump, brake hoses, etc. This whole assembly helps to stop the bike regardless of speed. Check the braking system because the brake pads have a major contribution to the motorbike’s braking power.
  5. Chains: With time, the inner links and chain’s pins will wear, thus, the pitch of every link will increase. Because the overall length of the chain increases due to wear, chain wear is generally called chain stretch. If the chain gets to stretch, you will find difficulty in riding. To avoid this difficulty, check the working of a chain.
  6. Tyers: Wheel’s age can be compared to a human’s age. If you are using a vehicle that consists of 5-year-old tyers, then it should be inspected at least once every year because exposure to heat due to sun rays can alter the structure of the wheel. After buying a used bike, know the age of the wheel by checking the manufacturing year, it is written on the side of the wheel.
  7. Check VIN of a bike: To check the legality of the vehicle, there is a unique serial number present on every vehicle referred to as Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Just like a fingerprint, a VIN consists of all types of information like; from where the vehicle was made and tells about engine size, vehicle’s safety features, body style, and production number, etc. In a few seconds, the VIN can provide a history of the vehicle to assure the genuineness, authenticity, and legality of a vehicle.
  8. Check papers: Generally, papers are necessary for every vehicle.
  9. Registration Certificate (RC) consists of engine number and chassis number. With the help of RC, buyers can check the state in which the vehicle is initially registered.
  10. The service book consists of the details of servicing history of the vehicle. With the help of the service book, a buyer can easily recognize the condition of the used vehicle. If the vehicle has been serviced as per the time, then it will be in better condition.
  11. Road tax receipt consists of the details of payment of tax. If the vehicle doesn’t have the road tax receipt then, it can bring a huge penalty over time. In this case, the new owner will be responsible to pay taxes. To avoid this take a tax receipt from the seller.
  12. A pollution certificate for a vehicle is mandatory by law because it checks the level of pollution that vehicle is creating. Every vehicle should have PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate.
  13. Insurance of a vehicle provides a clean in case of an accident. After buying a vehicle, check the premium of insurance has been paid regularly or not. As well as check the expiry date of the policy.
  14. Check fuel tank: vehicle runs on fuel so, it is very important to check the fuel tank. Put a flashlight into a fuel take and look at the color of fuel. If fuel is looking dark,then there is a quick need to change the fuel. Ask the seller to change the fuel and then go for it.
  15. Check rust: A rusty motorbike does not only look bad but, it can also hinder the performance of a bike. Check the rust under the motorbike and also inside the fuel tank. If the motorbike doesn’t have any rust it means, the vehicle was well maintained by the owner. Rust can slow the speed and work of a bike. And it also decreases the structural integrity of the bike.

Therefore, all the above-given things are necessary while choosing a used bike. Buying a used bike instead of a new one can save lots of money on average a man can reduce 50% cost. In used bikes bulk of depreciation has already been occurred including vehicle certification, extended warranty, and other benefits. Many sellers sell used bikes in India at a cheap rate, many sellers are also available online. After buying a used bike buyer can compare the price of the old bike with the new bike.