Throw Your Worries Away for your Aquarium When You are Travelling (2020)

Travelling is trending and hot topic in many countries. People love to travel for visiting other countries to know the heritage, religions, living styles and their favorites. Other people move from one place to another place for work, job or meeting with other people. But there is problem for those who love pets.

Those who are keeping pets at home like dogs, cats or aquarium, they are in trouble when they decide to move from one place to another place, especially fish keepers. Fish keepers could not move with their large tanks even when they are in city tour for fun. They love their fish very much. So the question is that “how to care your pets when you are absent or out of home”?

In this guide today I will give you some tips that will help you to save your fish and secure your aquarium from damage when you are not at home.

Stick to this content till the end. Be with me.

Let’s begin.

Not in home, but How to care your fish tank?

There are many ways I will reveal in front of you. You can choose whatever you want. You are much busy in your daily routines. Sometimes you are not having a single hour to care your tank for and to clean it. There are some things you are having a little tension of some of them I am going to list down here

  • Fish cooking Due to disorder in heater
  • Fish tank cleaning
  • Electricity short age
  • feeding your fish

Now let’s discuss them one by one.

Fish cooking Due to disorder in heater

Aquarium heater is very important device to maintain your fish tank temperature. Your fish is unable to maintain its body temperature. Due to which it needs such device to do this job. As you know any electric device can be out of order sometimes. Due to which you have to bear high losses. These high loses can include Burning of things sometimes it can ruin a complete building due to fire. But this will not happen in case of aquarium heater. Your heater will not burn your house but your fishes, very sadly. So to avoid any type of damage, as a wise person we should choose the safe side. For the safe side I would suggest you two things. One thing is that always buy a quality product. You can choose the best aquarium heaters, I recently looked at an interesting website about fish keeping that were listing more than 10 heaters. You can check out here. On the other hand you can use aquarium heater controller that will do its job to make heater safe for your fish tank.

Fish tank cleaning

As a fish owner, it is you’re first and foremost duty to provide your fish with clean and clear environment. For doing this job some people do regular water changes and check water parameters. You can do simply by doing sump pump. Other people also install sponge filter that will not only clean your water and detoxify it but also it will clean your waste products form water to clean it.

Electricity shortage

When you are not at home. Your fish tank is running on electricity and all the devices will be turned off as electricity goes. Now you know very well oxygen is very important for fish survival. If it will be turned off then your fishes can died. For the secure side, you can use battery operated devices. You can use battery operated aquarium air pump. Also you can use automatic battery operated pump that will automatically switch itself on battery.

How to feed your fish in your absence?

As a fish parent, everyone love their fishes. But when you are not at home you may be thinking that if I am late today. What will happen with my fish? Is they died today or many other doubts may be coming in your mind. But the fish industry is now very well-known now a days. The product manufacturers, found a solution that will help to automate your job for you to get rid of stress or tension in your mind. They made a device called “Automatic fish feeder”. This device have built-in function’s that help you in many ways. You can set the time duration between feedings. For example you have set the time of 5 hours. Feeder will automatically throw fish food after every 5 hours.


Technology has enabled us to throw our worries away for anything. As a fish keeping it has facilitated us in many ways it has automated our job that we were doing manually with our hands. It has developed devices like automated fish feeder, battery operated air pump and aquarium heater controller to completely automate your job. Keep enjoy the technology and have happy fish keeping.

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