Tips to make your dorm room feel like home

You’ve been anticipating and preparing for this time for years and now it’s finally here: You are ready to head off to college! Of course, you’re excited, but deep down you’re feeling somewhat anxious, too. The idea of living on your own and fending for yourself seems totally awesome, but, let’s face it, also overwhelming.

And perhaps this idea wouldn’t seem so nerve wracking if you could take all the comforts of home with you – your bed, your fridge (leftover take-away containers and all), your closet, and even the stuffed animals you’ve had since you were a child. If this was a Disney movie, you could tie balloons to your house and float it into a new city (literally carrying your home with you).  Since that isn’t happening any time soon, your best bet would be to turn your campus hostel room, ladies PG in Koramangalaor flat in Sirjapur into a place that feels like home.


We know the boring furniture and the untouched walls aren’t really saying “home away from home” to you. That’s exactly why you need to get creative.


1: Add Life to the Walls

You don’t need to be intimidated by the white walls of your dorm room, just think of them as a blank canvas for you to make your own. Starting with wall decor is a great way to add some photos of family and friends or displaying things that matter to you. You’ll be able to look at these everyday and get that warm fuzzy feeling. And don’t just restrict yourself to photos – think out of the box. From flags to a collage of posters to a patchwork of sarongs or tie-dyed sheets, you’ll be surprised by what you can add to your walls.


2: Go for a comfy Bed space

So between the parties, midnight cravings and the late-night cramming sessions, you might not be getting much sleep in college, but that’s no reason not to have the most comfortable bed. (You’ll need it for the Netflix binges at any rate). Get a good mattress, or a foam topper so that discomfort can never rob you of your sleep. It’s worth it. And if what you’re really missing is the feel of your bed at home, bring a pillowcase or blanket from your old room for a bit of home-grown TLC.


3: Pick Smart Storage Solutions

When you need to store many things in a single room, you need to think about storage systems down to the smallest details. While you probably can’t install anything into your dormitory wall, you can use freestanding wall shelves that aren’t too bulky or cumbersome. They don’t occupy much space, but can be used to store a great number of things, from your course books to collectibles and art. You can even repurpose some of your existing items into creative shelving options. Or box it up. Boxes are a great way of stocking a number of dorm essentials, from clothing to stationery., especially if they’re ones you don’t need often. Now you can use all the freed up floor space to practice your dance moves.


4: Create a welcoming study space

Unfortunately, yes there will be some heavy-duty studying involved in college (huge bummer, we know.) But if you have an inviting work area, it’ll make studying way less daunting. Get motivated to hit the books by stepping up your desk decor game. You can get pretty inventive – repurpose a favourite mug into a pen holder, or get a small plant to liven up the area. Add a pop of colour to your desk with cute stationery or a fun mouse pad. And don’t forget to have sufficient light – a lamp isn’t just great study lighting, it’s also a nice finishing touch to your room. Now that you’ve done all that, we suppose there’s no reason to procrastinate. Get studying!


5: Do Accessorise It

There’s a popular saying, “Life isn’t perfect, but your accessories can be.” We live by it, and there’s no reason you can’t apply it to your dorm room. Add that last personal touch and extra oomph to your space with some accessorizing! Scented candles, nice curtains or blinds, a cool rug, and anything else that speaks to your creative soul. It’s bound to make you feel more comfortable and homey.


Of course, a dreary space is not the case if you’re living in a Stanza Living residence. Their accommodation is as attractive and colourful as your college life is going to be. And no boring wooden furniture here – you’ll get a bed with comfortable mattresses and pillows, a wardrobe and storage space, window curtains, a study table and chair, all accented in the trademark yellow and teal colour scheme. Besides these, your room will also include trendy shelving units, cupboards and a pin-up board (to give your space a splash of your personality). And not just great rooms, they’ve got the most extensive amenities and community events that’ll make you feel right at home. In an accommodation that works so hard to match your vibe, you’ll never feel out of place.Whichever space you choose, it’s sure to become your sanctuary throughout your college life.