Top Celeb Favourite Filters on ZEE5 HiPi You must try

Now as TikTok has been banned in India, generation from all eras in India has been looking forward to something similar or more advanced in terms of features and effects. ZEE5 has recently come up with its TikTok-like short video platform- HiPi that encompasses more than filters and comes with features like best video effects, light effects, beauty filters, creative expressions, regular challenges, and much more. Some of your favourite celebrities are already using HiPi and enjoying their new avatar! They include Shraddha Arya, Anjum Fakih, Mugdha Chaphekar, Shubangi Atre and others.


If you are already using ZEE5, then you need to update your existing ZEE5 app to be able to access HiPi and use it; which means HiPi has been incorporated in the ZEE5 only. You can create short videos up to 100 seconds on HiPi. Such an India-based platform will help Indians to reach thousands of their fans in the country and beyond. Undoubtedly, ZEE5 has become an ultimate home of viewers for entertainment, makers of HiPi aim to achieve the same or higher strata in the world of video making platform through new features.

ZEE5 has also assigned a team to test the content being posted on the platform. A research has been done to ensure that ZEE5 and HiPi become a single entertainment destination for all types of content.



As the name suggests, HiPi is for the young-minded and youth-oriented planet you can express yourself with freedom and confidence.

Here are the Top Celeb Favourite Filters on HiPi:

Time-lapse Filter: Create killer time-lapse videos on HiPi with smooth sequences and great light effects. This high quality time-lapse filter also adds colour casts to your images and creates a long-lasting impact.


Beauty Filter: Beauty Filter is not a new thing but on HiPi it comes with a variety of beauty filters to choose from. With quick and easy editing features, the beauty filter gives you powerful and beautiful results.

Laser Filter:

Be a superhero with this app! Using the automated face recognition, the app gives a laser effect to your eyes in real-time.

Black and White Filter: Black and white can never go out of fashion no matter what era it is; Black and White creates its own era that takes you to another world. Black and White Filter on HiPi by ZEE5 creates astonishing images with a variety of intensity options. You need no editing skills; just a click and you are done! Give it a try to convert your photos to grayscale with a vintage effect.

Light Effect: Produce a myriad of lightning effects and create your own style! Add a background light or a spotlight, everything is in your hands.

Thug Life:

Thug life is no more a dream; make it a reality in the HiPi world by using the Thug Life filter. Add sunglasses, necklace, chains and rings to create a real-effect.

Video Effects: HiPi allows you to add music, transitions, effects, and themes to your short videos on ZEE5.

Let’s unlock your talent and show it to the world because it #HappensOnHiPi!!