Understanding the Worth and Scope of Getting CEH Certified

An ethical hacker is a skilled professional who an organization hires to protect its technical system. They identify potential threats that a hacker could misuse. An ethical hacker gets official permission to penetrate the system to safeguard it while adhering to specific rules. A Certified Ethical Hacker or CEH certification can help one build a prosperous career as an ethical hacker

Reasons that have generated a demand for ethical hackers

Some of the world’s worst cyberattacks have alarmed and cautioned the world. They generated the critical need for the role of skillful, ethical hackers.

Given below are a few reasons behind the demand for ethical hackers in the present era:

  • The number of unfilled cybersecurity vacancies has constantly been rising.
  • Almost every company now employs a professional with a Cyber Security Certification to safeguard its infrastructure, devices, and people.

Scope and career path of ethical hackers that aids them to grow

The initial salary of a professional with an Ethical Hacker Certification starts at around ₹3.5 lakhs per annum. When divided into months, the base salary of an ethical hacker can fluctuate between INR 29k-41k per month.

The career path in ethical hacking has the following jobs roles that can be taken up:

  1. Penetration Tester: A penetration tester is someone who conducts penetration testing to identify flaws that pose potential harm to an organization’s system. 
  2. Data Security Analyst/Specialist: A data security analyst protects an organization’s data from intruders who may harm the organization’s system.
  3. Network Administrator/Manager: A Network Administrator sets up an organization’s network and keeps it updated with the aid of regular security patches.
  4. Web Security Administrator/Manager: A web security administrator’s job is to ensure the proper functioning of an organization’s system by performing certain specific tasks.
  5. Computer/Digital Forensics Investigator: A digital forensics investigator’s role commences after an instance of a security breach occurs. The professional investigates the cybercrime to collect evidence and then documents all the findings for submission to the superior authority.

A CEH certification equips one with skills that are in demand and hence should be pursued for a secure career. 

Given below are a few relevant and useful ethical hacker certifications that can lead to a fruitful career:

1 Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH): 

This is offered by the EC Council and is among the most comprehensive ethical hacker exams globally. A certified ethical hacker is expected to pinpoint the potential vulnerabilities in a system through hacking tools. Earning this certificate certifies you as a skilled professional with the expertise to identify potential weaknesses in any system. Further, it equips you with the legal capacity to break into the system of an organization to do so.

One must think like a hacker to beat as they can be highly skillful and cunning while implementing their endeavor. This in-demand globally recognized certification provides you with a thorough understanding of the process of ethical hacking. Additionally, it equips one with knowing various hacking tools and understanding the preventive measures to perform the job.

2 Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC):

The GIAC certification is issued by SANS, one of the oldest organizations that provides information security certifications. It is renowned for providing more than 30 Cyber Security certifications. This certification stands as proof that an individual meets the minimum requirements for the job. It is an online exam that assesses the candidate’s theoretical knowledge and practical ability to solve real problems. In addition, it assesses the candidate’s ability to defend an infrastructure against both external and domestic threats.

3 Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP):

This certification is completely practical and focuses solely on the candidate’s hands-on knowledge. Offensive Security is the for-profit organization that is involved in producing it. It is intended for technical professionals who require knowledge of system internals, software development, penetration testing, networking protocols, etc. 

Candidates are required to gain administrative access by identifying system vulnerabilities, researching networks, and eventually hacking into the system within 24 hours. Then, the committee reviews the detailed penetration test report to determine whether the request for certification should be granted.

To conclude, getting a CEH certification is worth it as it provides various job opportunities with lucrative earnings. In addition, this certification can also act as a foundation so that other similar certifications can be pursued later to add to it. 

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