Uttarakhand tour and travel guide for home stay


The Uttrakhand home stay is a service exclusively provided by Residents of uttarakhand to tourist. According to this scheme, the natives can share their accommodation to tourists and treat them as their guest. They will provide shelter and food to them and can charge any reasonable amount to them.

This scheme is known as “PanditDeenDayalUpadhyay home stay development scheme”


Registration under homestay scheme :

  1. The applicant must be a resident of Uttrakhand.
  2. The applicant should have a residential premises, whether owned or on lease, with all basic amenities, in which the applicant is residing with his family.
  3. The applicant should file an application i.e. Annexure 1 along with a character certificate( not older than 6 months- Annexure 3). It can be submitted online as well as offline.
  4. An application fees of Rs. 500 through demand draft i.e. Non Refundable should be submitted along with the application to the local tourism development board. The demand draft should be in favour
  5. A bench will verify the application and after scrutiny, will classify the premises into one from the 3 categories i.e. GOLD, Silver and Bronze according to the amenities of premises.
  6. The registration is valid for 2 years and the applicant can apply for the renewalof the registration within the 3 months after the expiry of registration certificates
  7. The Premises, made in traditional pattern are entertained with priority.
  8. The officer, who will verify the premises will check out and approve the premises as per the rules. The officer will check out the premises as per the annexure 2



Points to remember for applicant

  1. The purposed accommodation, whether owned or on leased, should be residential property in which the applicant is residing with his family.
  2. The applicant should file an application (online/offline) to local authorities.
  3. The purposed premises must be for residential use only, where the applicant is residing with his family.
  4. The applicant is bound to provide shelter as well as food to the tourists/guests.
  5. The applicant can have atleast 1 and maximum 6 rooms for guests in their home stay and there should be atleast 2 and not more than 4 beds in a room.
  6. There should be toilet in the premises and proper ventilation along with lights, water supply and other basic services should be available in the rooms. The premises should have parking area for visitors.


Points  to remember for Beneficiaries of Home Stay Scheme

  1. A register should be maintained by the beneficiaries that will be used for record of visitors.
  2. The register should have the clear details of visitors such as their Name, Address Contact no., purpose of stay, ID Proof Details and passport no in case of foreign visitors. The number of visitors should be reported to the local department.
  3. The beneficiaries cannot advertise and cannot involve themselves with any kind of agents. In any such case, their enrolment will be terminated.
  4. The maintenance of toilets and dustbins will be borne by owner of the homestays.


Dos for owners

  1. The owner should inform about the rate to the local authorities and also should write it clearly in homestays.
  2. The owner should inform local police about the stay of foreigners immediately.
  3. The owner can accommodate visitors for 15 days. After that, the registration of visitors need to refurnished in the register duly maintained by the owner.


Don’ts for owners

  1. The owner cannot install any receptions like hotels.
  2. The owner cannot perform or organize any activity that can result into any kind of inconvenience to neighborhood.
  3. The owner cannot promote or advertise about their homestay premises.
  4. The owner cannot involve themselves into agentship.

Obligations of Visitors

  1. The visitor will provide a copy of ID proof and Residence poof to the owner for record.
  2. The visitor will maintain the dignity while residing and will not offend the cultural, administration and other customs while residing.
  3. The visitor will not cook on his own.
  4. The visitor will not invite any other person for a night stay in the premises.

Termination of registration of homestays

  1. The officers can conduct inspection raid without prior information and can terminate the registration if the home stay is not according to the rules and regulations as per the rules. If there are complaints by visitors against the owner or home stay premise, in that case there will be trial and if found guilty, the registration will be terminated.
  2. If there is any criminal trial against the owner, the registration will be terminated.
  3. If the owner change any amenity, it shall be reported within 30 days to the department.

Benefits of homestay scheme to the owners

  1. The owner after the registration under this scheme, are not bound to register themselves into any other scheme.
  2. The homestay will not count as a commercial complex
  3. The premise and location of homestay will be advertised on the website of Uttrakhand tourism.
  4. The training of the owners for hospitality will be conducted on the expense of department.
  5. In case of any dispute, the owner as well as visitors will appeal to

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