Which are the best Dhoop cones in the market?

Dhoop cones are a variation of incense sticks. Unlike Agarbattis that are long and thin, Dhoop cones are literally cones of flammable material, sans the wood/ sticks. These Dhoop cones, when burned give out a pleasant fragrance that instantly improves the surroundings by making them calmer. Dhoop cones have been used in Hindu rituals for as long back as the Rig Veda. Even today, all Hindu temples outside and inside homes have incense sticks burning. Incense sticks like dhoop are so highly popular that they have become the poster image of Hindu rituals too.

More than any other time, it is during prayer time that one needs a gentle and quiet environment. With every day’s hustle bustle, it gets difficult to induce that piousness without help. This is where Dhoop sticks do brilliantly. Since Dhoop is usually made from biodegradable ingredients, herbs, and natural fragrances, purify the air, and relax the brain and the heart.

Benefits of using Dhoop cones

The fragrance of dhoop cones reduces stress, anxiety and clears the head to improve concentration. It also significantly reduces tension, infections, depression, and headaches. Only at a state of high concentration can one connect with God and dhoop cones help along the way! Along with prayer, dhoop cones also make for the perfect environments for meditation, yoga and studying.

The few other added advantages of Dhoop cones are that they also reduce nose blockages and act like room fresheners. The herbs in Dhoop cones also work as insect repellents and keep mosquitoes away. Therefore, dhoop cones are always a good addition in homes. Mangaldeep is one of the leading incense sticks brand in India that has a wide collection of high-quality dhoop cones. Mangaldeep Dhoop Cones comes in selection of fragrances including, Mogra, Sandalwood, Rose, Marigold and Pushpanjali. Each of these dhoop cones are easy to use and burn consistently.

How to use a dhoop cone?

Light the tip of the dhoop cone with a matchstick and wait until the tip is fully covered by the flame. Once you start to see the tip glow in orange, gently put off the flame. Dhoop cones can keep burning for a long time by themselves. However, it is advised to keep them on stands or metal plates as they are flammable and cause fires if near electrical equipment or clothes!

Other than Dhoop sticks, Mangaldeep produces a massive collection of Agarbatti sticks as well.

Mangaldeep is also has a Temple collection of Agarbatti sticks that are made from flammable material along with flower waste of temples from all over the country. We know just how many flowers go to temples every day that are crumpled and thrown away after rituals. This flower waste can be of use still, and Mangaldeep identifies that with this range!

Mangaldeep as a brand is the official incense sponsor for Thirumala Thirupati Devasthanam (TTD) and is known for its excellent quality and high standards. This is not all. Mangaldeep also empowers rural women by hiring them to make incense products including Agarbatti sticks, dhoop cones, etc thereby supporting their livelihoods, their NGOs, and several smaller organisations. The company has tied up with several state governments including Tamil Nadu government for their women empowerment initiatives too!

Hence a Mangaldeep dhoop cone is one of the best in the market not only for its high-quality and effectiveness but also because of how it is made!