Which are the companies that support cryptocurrency?

Are you aware that cryptocurrency is a hot topic in today’s world? Yes, it is true. There is no doubt that cryptocurrency has been in this world for over a decade now, but they are taking off in the fame from the last few years only. Various sectors are adopting cryptocurrency. You will be glad to know that some high-end companies which only used to accept payments in cash, credit or check are now accepting high-end cryptocurrency payments. If you are interested in bitcoin trading click for more info here .


Do you know about Microsoft, right? Who doesn’t know about the high-tech giant company? Yes, this company is now accepting bitcoin. However, they are not using it directly, but they still accept it. For example, you can only use bitcoin to transfer the funds into your account of Microsoft. It means that you will not be able to buy anything from the online store of Microsoft, but you can make use of this crypto for buying the things like Xbox console, watching movies and getting other apps from this window. Of course, when you pay Microsoft with the crypto, you also have to follow some other regulations. But the important thing is that the people who have bitcoin can finally make use of them for buying Xbox games and other movie-related stuff.

Dish network!

You need to know that the dish network is one of the biggest non-online companies that will accept bitcoin as a mode of payment. They have started to make payments in the crypto form. Moreover, the dish was the first television subscription company to accept digital currency. It means that you can now pay for your dish network bill by using your bitcoin. The crypto mode of payment is now available on their website.


Are you a big fan of the subway? Are you among those who don’t prefer to carry cash and credit cards with you every time? If yes, you are lucky because you can now eat at the subway and pay for your bills in cryptocurrency. They are making the payments in bitcoin, but they will also start accepting the other crypto payments in the future. It is the best thing to do by using your bitcoin and enjoying your food simultaneously. Bitcoin payments are fast and anonymous, so you don’t need to worry about anything.


You might not know that overstock is also one of the first big companies to allow payments through cryptos. It is now making its way for its business by accepting bitcoin and other types of digital currency. You should know that overstock and bitcoin also accept the payments of Ethereum, bitcoin cash, dash, and Litecoin. It is also on the list of very few big companies which accept this much range of digital currency as means of payment. So you can use your crypto to buy anything you like; you can buy furniture, jewellery, electronics, clothes, and everything you like.


The owner of amazon is jeff Bezos, and it is now joining the ranks of another high-end platform like Facebook by generating its very own digital currency. However, earlier, it was in the rumours that amazon agreed to take crypto payments. Still, now the company have clarified that they will not accept crypto payments instantly. However, the users of this platform can purchase the vouchers of amazon by using the bitrefill crypto site. This platform created the bitcoin into the gift cards, which you can later use for making purchases on Amazon.


One and all recognize that coca-cola is the largest beverage company in Asia. This company announced that it is adding the crypto payment option to the list of means of payments after partnering with the Centrapay platform. In Australia and New Zealand, there are more than 2000 marketing machines, which accepts purchases made by using crypto. So if you have bitcoin and want to buy a beverage, then now it’s the perfect time to get your hands on the coca-cola.