Which is a good business to start in Mumbai

Located on the Konkan coast, Mumbai is India’s commercial and financial capital. Every day 100’s of people migrate to Mumbai searching for new jobs and business opportunities. If you are planning to move to Mumbai for career growth, job, or business opportunities, then you are at the right place.

In this blog, we have mentioned some of the best businesses you can start in Mumbai with minimum investment. While moving to Mumbai from another city, don’t forget to hire packers and movers in Navi Mumbai or any city you live in to make your moving process easy and safe.

Best Business to Start in Mumbai

Food Business

After a busy day, most people prefer eating outside as they will be tired. In a food business, people like good taste over price. There are several restaurants or cafes in Mumbai, but if you offer yummy food for a reasonable price, you will definitely succeed in this business. Opening a food-related business is always the most profitable business you can open on less budget.

Grocery Delivery

This is one of the most creative businesses to start in posh areas of Mumbai within a minimum budget. Just deliver the grocery items to the consumer’s doorstep with some additional charge. This could be a great idea to start alone, but if you already own a grocery shop, this can also double your income and sales.

Blogging or Vlogging

Mumbai has a rich cultural diversity; this allows bloggers or vloggers to visit different places and write or make videos on different places. Anyone planning to visit Mumbai for the first time or going somewhere out on weekends will help. Once your blog starts getting enough traffic, you can convert it into a business.

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Packing and Moving Business

Since the relocation trend is high in Mumbai; people look for the best packers and movers in Mumbai to shift their goods with. In a busy city like Mumbai, most of the people don’t have time to plan and execute their relocation professionally. If you offer professional shifting services at a reasonable cost; this will be the most profitable business.

Real Estate Consultant

Every day 100’s of people come to Mumbai, in this case, they need a real estate consultant to help them find their dream home. To start this business you will not require much investment but you need to have good knowledge of different types of properties available in Mumbai, their value, amenities available, etc.

Auto and Cab Service

You can also buy auto or car and start a taxi business; most of them prefer taxi or cab over driving their personal vehicle in the hectic traffic. You can start a cab or auto service or you can just attach your car or auto to any famous cab services like Ola, Uber, or other local taxi services in Mumbai.

Event Management

Mumbai is also known as the city that never sleeps; every day, some or other parties or events happen here. In this party city, people always look for someone to manage the preparation tasks, like decoration, food arrangements, inviting guests, etc. If you are good at organizing things, then this is the best business for you to start in Mumbai.

Furniture Upcycle

A lot of people prefer to upcycle their furniture instead of buying a new one. Creativity is your investment in this business; use innovative ideas to upcycle any piece of furniture. Post pictures of your work on any social media platform, and you will gain customers through it.

Plant Nursery

#gogreen is on the trend now. As global warming and pollution are increasing, people started planting more plants. People also prefer to have a home garden as it’s relaxing, and they come with medicinal benefits. Starting a nursery business offering healthy saplings, seeds, and fertilizers, is also one of the profitable businesses in Mumbai.

Fashion Accessories

Mumbai is also the country’s fashion capital; any fashion-related business is worth starting here. Anything from fashionable clothing, trendy jewelry, footwear, accessories, etc., is a trending and profitable business to start with less investment.


Every business has competition, but if you offer good services at a reasonable cost, and maintain professional behavior with your costumes, you will definitely succeed in any business you start anywhere. Before starting any business make sure you do enough background research and preparation. You can go through related articles like steps to start an online business, the best business to start in Mumbai, and so on.

Once you make thorough background research then choose a business that suits your interest and budget. Mentioned above are some of the most profitable businesses you can open in Mumbai with a minimum budget.

All the very best!