Which Size of Centuary Mattress Should You Buy and How is it Good for Your Health?

Centuary as a brand stands out for delivering quality mattresses to Indian homes for over thirty years. It offers a variety of mattresses at standard sizes, and also leaves room for customisation. While it might not seem overly important at first, don’t be hasty when choosing your mattress. Getting the size right (while keeping your room’s dimensions in mind) is extremely important, or you could be stuck with one that disturbs your precious sleep. When it comes to Centuary mattresses, there are four basic sizes with minor variations that are usually available, and the Centuary mattress price ranges according to each size category. Let us now try to understand which particular size of the mattress would suit your particular requirements.


Single Size Mattress


This is the smallest mattress size that is available is (72 x 30) inches, which is ideal for children to be sleeping in once they graduate out of the crib. However, lots of people living in small apartments opt for a single size mattress. This is why Centuary offers single size mattresses with slight variations around their width and height, with the height increasing up to 84 inches, and the width up to 36 inches, which would make it more comfortable for a young person to sleep in without any hassles.


Double Size Mattress

 Even though ‘double’ makes it sound like the mattress is for two people, it is completely fine to get a double size mattress for your home if you like sleeping alone comfortably. Narrow beds make you constantly anxious about falling off either end, so if you are taller, healthier, tend to toss around in your sleep a lot, or just like being able to sleep spread-eagled, you should consider a double size mattress. They come at a standard 48 inches in width but the height comes in options of 72 inches, 75 inches and 78 inches. You should measure your room’s height and width before deciding on the size of the mattress.

Queen Size Mattress

 This mattress usually comes with a 60-inch width. That is enough room for two people to sleep side by side. Younger couples who do not have children yet, and siblings often share a Queen size mattress because of its size. A good mattress uniformly spreads your weight and provides support to your back and neck, allowing your body to relax and provides comfort. You should definitely consider a Queen size mattress if you have a big or spacious room. The height of the mattress comes in sizes ranging from 72 inches to 84 inches. Ideally, you should be opting for the longer models (78 inches or 84 inches) for members who are taller than 5 feet 8 inches.


King Size Mattress

 The king size mattress price makes it more of an investment than an impulsive purchase. However, it is hands-down the best size for families. They are comfortable for a couple to sleep in without bumping elbows, and also have space for your toddler to scoot in for a nap. An ideal king size mattress is actually a perfect square — 72-inch x 72-inch —  and is the most commonly available variant for the master bedroom. If 72 inches proves to be too small for you, you can get variations of up to 84 inches to accommodate your body more comfortably.


Now that we have clarified what the different sizes of mattresses available are, the next step is deciding which mattress thickness is good for your health.


Hybrid Collection Mattresses

 Centuary mattress price ranges are in line with the kind of product the brand offers. The top-of-the-line models of the Hybrid collection are 8-10 inches thick, ranging from firm to soft mattresses. You should make the choice of mattress depending on your own body needs.

The choir mattresses, topped with memory-gel foam, are efficient orthopaedic models that are firm and relieve pressure, and are about 8 inches thick.

Combined Hybrid foam mattresses are made from layers of different kinds of foam to give a soft, enveloped effect when you lie down. Other soft mattresses include luxury Bonnell spring and regular spring mattresses that are ideally suited for long-term use, as they don’t lose their shape over time. These mattresses on average come with a thickness of 8-10 inches.


Power-Matt Collection Mattresses

 If you are not fond of hybrid models, the Power-Matt range, with its orthopaedic and active edge support, is the kind of spring mattress that you can opt for. Ranging from 6-8 inches in thickness, these spring mattresses are made with advanced technology to give you peaceful slumber. Popular Bonnell spring mattresses offered by Centuary include the Dynamo, while pocket spring mattresses like Hexa or Neofit also come with a layer of memory foam for even distribution of weight and temperature control.

Wellness Collection Mattresses

 If you have chronic back problems, it is recommended that you avoid soft mattresses. The extra firm coir mattress is orthopedically ideal for those with chronic back pain. While most coir mattresses are 6-7 inches thick with densely packed rubberised coir, Centuary offers different top layers to make the sleeping experience less arduous. This includes the Ortho Active, which comes with a layer of memory foam. The Century Pixel is a special model made of memory gel foam that is known for its cooling and temperature regulating features, even if it is softer than the coir alternatives.


The Smart collection offers Centuary mattresses in a more affordable range. They are 5-6 inch foam mattresses that come in a variety of options for the regular home. The comfort collection offers similar 4-inch thick coir mattresses. You can purchase the mattress of your choosing by using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. The EMI Network Card allows you to divide the cost of the new mattress into easily payable monthly instalments. Thus, you won’t have to dip into your savings, and you can pay for the mattress in bite-sized EMIs over a specified period.