Why Is Modafinil So Expensive?

Modafinil is a drug that is prescribed and utilized in the treatment of sleep-related disorders. It works by enhancing wakefulness in the affected person. These disorders can range from sleep apnea to shift-work condition to Narcolepsy. These conditions and disorders can be inconvenient or downright dangerous. Drugs like modafinil help to enhance the aspect of wakefulness to curb the dangerous outcomes of such conditions in affected folks.

However, that is not the only purpose for its usage since students, CEOs, directors and managers along with their employees have started utilizing it in the recent past. These people consume the drug to enhance their cognitive abilities and focus. It helps curb fatigue and results in great productivity owing to the alertness it causes in the brain. Hence its usage in general and apart from the sleep disorders purposes is increasing.

However, modafinil along with some other cognitive function based drugs like Adderall are very expensive medicines. There are various reasons for the prices of drugs being sky high and various factors that influence the market value of these medicines.

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Why Is Modafinil So Expensive?


Modafinil can be found in cheaper alternative forms too and they mostly come in the forms of generic brand medications. Not all modafinil is priced the same because of various brands and other medicines that it is used in combination with. For instance, Provigil is one of the more expensive forms of this drug which uses modafinil along with other medicinal ingredients. Now, what makes some brands sell their modafinil based drugs at higher prices as compared to other generic brands?


Clinical Tests And Trials


One of the reasons would be experimental tests and clinical trials made to run on their drugs by these brands. These brands have a reputation to have their products tried and tested before sending them out into the market for purchasing and consuming. These tests are run to make sure the drugs are safe to consume and without any hazardous substances and side effects.

These tests can be expensive to carry out and these brands and companies have to invest a lot to get these tests done and have the drugs go through proper necessary clinical trials. Therefore, such brands and companies can only make any profits at all by putting higher prices on their drugs and that is one of the reasons for certain drugs being very costly.

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Protection Patents


Another reason can be protection patents that the maker companies of the original medicine hold. Patents work like copyright since they exclusively give the right to produce a certain medicine to that one particular company. And no other companies or drug makers are allowed to make other generic versions of the drug.

This prompts the exclusive maker brand to put exclusive prices on their products. However, the potents can expire and generic versions are introduced then sprucing up the competition that can force the exclusive producer brand to make a drop in their prices too.