Why Scent Is Essential to Design Your Home and Office?

In today’s interior designing world, scents hold great importance. Not too long ago however it wasn’t considered essential to add fragrances to your home and office interiors. That has changed and almost all interior design ideas and plans stress the inclusion of scents in their final designs now.

Scent has become one of the more appealing aspects that make the place attractive to potential buyers and clients and just to people in general. It’s something that real estate agents use to make the places desirable so that they sell fast and get a good deal. You can learn about how to make your place more attractive and exciting using fragrance in our online interior design ideas section. So what is it that makes incense such an essential component of interior design ideas? There are multiple reasons of which we’re gonna discuss a few.

1- Scents Can Be Therapeutic

There is such a thing called aromatherapy. It basically means therapy through the use of aromas i.e. scents. There are many scents that can generate and alleviate calm or positive effects in your mind. Lavender in particular is said to effectively reduce stress and bring calm and relaxation. Jasmine is also a refreshing scent that’s said to be helpful in re-energizing yourself. You may consider having it around when in need of a recharge. Some scents like lemongrass can help you gather your thoughts and clear your mind.

When you consume these scents while meditating, it can enhance the effects and benefits. You will feel two times more relaxed and peaceful than you would with only meditation.

2- Fragrance Adds to The Ambience

Fragrances can add to the ambience of a place. A place with suitable lighting, just the right temperature and soft music is considered to have a great ambience. Now add to it a favourite perfume in the air and it just got a lot better. A pleasant, refreshing smell will instantly lift up the spirits of the people.

Similarly, in an office interior design setting, you will need to add appropriate incense that goes with the professional environment. Rosemary and vetiver might be suitable for this purpose.

3- Incense Makes Interior Better

It’s quite simple. By adding incense to your interior design plans and projects, you can make your interiors a whole lot better. Our site provides many ideas and insights about incorporating incense in your space with our online interior design


You can use fresh flowers or potpourri and other herbs like dried lavender to include scent in your space. Moving on to more synthetic options, we have scented candles, diffusers and backflow incense burner available in various attractive shapes and forms. Backflow means that the fumes travel backwards as opposed to the normal way i.e. they move downwards instead of going up in the air. This is because of the shapes these incense burners are created in like waterfalls or dragons or other shapes like lotus hand etc.

Hence, these will substantially add to the visuals of the place too. They will make your interior better tenfolds by making it look and smell amazing at the same time.