Why You Need A Postgraduate Degree In Data Science

The hardware has mostly driven the technological advances for decades. Later the processing ability has increased, which has led to more possibilities. Data has now become the main resource for many industries.

Why masters in data science?

A data science online course will help you get a broad skill set that can be used in many tech-related careers, such as data engineering, data architecture, or computer programming.

The advanced degree programs give importance to the following areas:

  • Applied Statistics
  • Database Systems and Data Preparation
  • Practical Machine Learning

You will also be taught how to use programming languages like Python, R, and SQL.

What to Do with a Postgraduate Degree in Data Science?

  • Lead Your Company’s Data Monetization Effort

Companies nowadays, to improve the way they operate and control their sales operations, supply chains, and cost controls, have set data analytics teams. There is a huge scope in monetizing data in the field of data science. A report by the Sloan School of Management in MIT recently states few incidents on how many industries are in the process of monetizing the resources of data science in maximizing their operations and boost client services. These companies focus on fraud detection for financial institutions, smart and click-stream targeting insights for technological advertisements, and IoTs to drive their revenues.

  •   A position at the Executive Table

The importance of data scientists is becoming more important for an enterprise. Today, fifty-seven per cent of companies now have an official address of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) on their teams. And as much as fifty per cent of those Chief Data Officer will be answerable to the CEO, this has increased from forty per cent the year before. Data science is a rising star for the matter. They bring data scientists to the executive table. 

  • Posting as the AI Specialist

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are recently interchangeable with data science. They are helping in the growth and are responsible for the innovation in this field. The demand for AI skilled workers has been increasing in double folds in the last 3 years. Indeed claims that the terms “AI” and “machine learning” were added in their resume portfolios for about seventy-five per cent of these jobs.


Where can I do postgraduation in data science?

Many courses and programs are being offered at GreatLearning that fit your learning goals. Programs are comprehensive and designed in collaboration with various renowned universities. 

This program is conducted in collaboration with The PES University of Data Science. The Machine Learning basics and concepts will also be complied with in a total of 4 modules in the first year and followed by many assignments and knowledge gaining courses in the following years.


Even if you are a complete beginner, you can always avail well-curated programs designed by experts in the Data Science field, like the one offered by Great Learning. This course also stands as the best choice if you are looking for M Tech data science part-time.