YouTube Is Working On A TikTok Competitor Called ‘Shorts’ – Youtube Launch New App Short

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YouTube Is Working On A TikTok Competitor Called ‘Shorts

After Facebook Lasso and Instagram Reels, YouTube is now working on its own short-form, user-generated video app — Shorts.

The app will release by the end of year. Shorts will let you create and share a few seconds-long videos to a dedicated feed of similar clips.

The sharing and viewing process will be similar to that of TikTok, and you will also get plenty of music, which the company has already licensed for YouTube Music, to add to the clips.

TikTok was the second most downloaded (non-gaming) app worldwide in 2019, across Google Play Store and Apple App Store, after WhatsApp

Facebook launched Lasso in November 2019 and it allows users to upload up to 15-second long videos and overlay them with popular songsThe same month, Instagram had launched Reels in Brazil. It allows users to upload — take a wild guess — up to 15-second long videos, set to music, which users can feature as Stories.